Big Dreams, Simple Plans

At the beginning of a new year people have new hopes and dreams for how things are going to turn out. Here at Liberty Christian Prep things are no different. Many students have set the goal of getting straight A’s, or going to the gym more, but how many of them will actually go through and achieve their hopes and dreams? The statistics are low that anyone will follow the plan throughout the school year, but many students are determined to defeat the odds. 

History Teacher, Brent Bickhart said, “My goal for this year is to be the best teacher I possibly can be for the most students possible.” Sophomore Kyle Durell said, “My goal for this year is to not have to take two exams at the end of the year… my plan for that is simply to show up to school everyday.” 

The goal of getting all A’s is truly one of the hardest tasks in school. Junior Ethan Watts said, “My goal is to get all A’s this year.” Watts went on to say, “I’m going to study harder than last year.” Even the younger Lions have big goals. Fourth grader, Thomas Mingot said, “I really want to get all A’s this year.”

Many people are trying to start new clubs and organizations this year. Science Teacher, Mrs. Anne Ansbury said, “I really want to start a science club and have a few STEM family nights where we can do experiments.”

The students and faculty here at LCP have big plans for this school year and are working hard to stick to the task at hand.