NHS Applications

TAVARES- During the summer, National Honor Society letters were sent inviting selected students to apply to be in the organization. Eight students met the qualifications and were sent letters by NHS advisor, Mrs. Heather Thomas. “ NHS qualifications are based on your scholarship, leadership, character and service. So applications were sent to all incoming tenth- twelfth graders who had at least a 3.5 grade point average,” explained Thomas.  

Sophomore Aarti Desai received her letter over the summer. “I was really happy about it,” said Desai. She wanted to be in NHS because she gets to volunteer and it looks good on your college resume. Lindsey Parisian and John Helms also received applications. Parisian said, “To be honest, it felt like a new adventure was beginning.” “It felt pretty good,” said Helms.

This is Thomas’s fourth year working with NHS and she has lots of plans for this year. “ We plan to continue our tutoring program and to do more fundraising along the lines of a rummage sale to help a mission organization called Cure, that helps people with physical abnormalities in a country called Niger in Africa,” she said. NHS is planning to do a lot during the 2019-2020 school year.