New Liberty Lions Arrive at the Den

August 12, 2019, 88 new students arrived at Liberty Christian Prep’s front door for their first day of school. Each student had a unique reason for attending. Some of these new Lions include: sophomore, Anastasia Elrod, junior, Ayla Molinaro, third grader,  Selah Alford and fourth grader, King Pickett. Elrod became familiar with LCP because her brother graduated from LCP last year. “I feel Liberty would be a place to learn in a positive environment,” Elrod said.

Molinaro also heard about our school from a sibling who goes to LCP.  Molinaro said, “I believe that Liberty’s academics are better than my previous school.”

Elementary School student, Alford said, “I like the fact that LCP is a lot closer to my home than my old school.”  Pickett said that his mom thought Liberty would be a good school to attend.

After only two weeks at Liberty, all of the students had positive things to say. Elrod said, “I enjoy my new teachers and playing on the Liberty girls volleyball team.”  Alford commented, “I like PE and Art.” “I like the teachers and enjoy the school work,” Pickett said. Molinaro likes everything, “Especially the teachers.”

While these four students came to Liberty for a variety of reasons, they all feel like they've made the right choice.