Checking Goals Off the Box

     On Jan 1, 2021, the ball for New Year’s dropped. For many, the start of a new year, means a person sitting down for a minute to make goals for one’s well being. 
Some Liberty Christian Prep students and staff had a reason to make goals for this year. “I made goals for New Year’s, so I can keep something in mind. It gives me an idea of what I could do, it keeps my energy up,” said fifth grader Anna Bickhart. Some students are focusing on self improvement. Third grader Analise Caryl said, “The reason I made goals is because I just want to be a better person, just to have a better year than 2020.”
      People at LCP have set a variety of goals. Junior Sujes Williams said, “My goals are to get more in shape, to better my grades, to win the basketball championship, to become a better brother and friend.” Some want to be a better person while there are others that want to finish something that they started. Eighth grader Reilly Green said, “A personal goal I have is to finish an art project I have at home and to make this year a better year.” Others also want to overcome a fear. “One of my biggest goals is to conquer a lot of fears . . . because fears can really hold you back in life, I’ve allowed public speaking or trying new things kind of hold me back in ministry but this year I really want to not allow those fear to hold me back so I’m definitely planning on having more speaking engagements,” explained third grade teacher Lauren Pughe.
Bickhart said, “Making goals last year was easier because I didn’t think about COVID.” Then there are others that have never made goals in the past and this is their first year of making goals. Caryl said, “I have not made New Year’s goals before but this year I’m looking forward to following through with my goals.”
      Some made goals for the past few years but they want a change for this year. Williams said, “I made goals before, to become a better basketball player, to become a better student in the classroom and to become the best version of myself by being more positive, passionate and give a 100 percent of everything I got.” In the past few years, some were able to accomplish their goals while some didn’t go as planned. Pughe said, “I have made New Year’s goals before, the typical wanting to get into better shape or wanting to read more and definitely wanting to spend a lot of time with God, I feel like there have been years where I have accomplished those goals, then some years where it has taken more time.” 
     While people at Liberty have made multiple goals, some have one specific goal that is their priority. “A goal that would be hard to complete is reading the Bible more because I don’t get a lot of time since I’m usually at the school or doing things at my house,” said Bickhart.