About US

Liberty Christian Preparatory School was known as Liberty Christian Academy from 1983 through May 2013.

Liberty Christian Academy was founded by Liberty Baptist Church in 1983. A small group of parents and students began a daycare using the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) program. The school went through a number of growing phases in its early years. In 1991, the school made a determination to move from the ACE program and began to incorporate a traditional classroom setting with the middle and high school being introduced to the ABEKA math and English curriculum.

Later, preschool, kindergarten and grades one through twelve were fully integrated into the traditional setting with the ABEKA curriculum. Intervarsity athletics were added, and plans for new facilities were introduced. In November 2002, the Family Life Center with thirteen classrooms, a gymnasium and school offices were completed. The preschool was moved to its present location. All of the preschool is now under the same building for convenient accommodation. During the summer of 2007, an additional three classrooms were added along with five church offices in a second story addition in the church building.

In 2013, Liberty Christian Academy changed its name to Liberty Christian Preparatory School and began the process of converting to a more college preparatory school model in order to better prepare and equip students for academic, spiritual, and personal success. In keeping with the technological advancements of our society, Liberty Christian Prep introduced an all-digital curriculum in the upper school in 2013-2014. Liberty Christian Prep is committed to building a strong Christian foundation and to continual improvement for the betterment of our students.