LCP students at their homecoming event.

     TAVARES- For almost 40 years, Liberty Christian Preparatory school has been a place for families to have their children grow into educated, Christian men and women who apply God’s Word throughout their daily lives. Every day, staff and students strive to follow the path of Christ. But, what does it take to be an LCP Lion? 
     LCP is a college prep school, and, therefore, all of the teachers’ lessons are top-notch. Even though assignments and tests can be challenging, teachers tailor their lessons so students can thoroughly understand lessons and be able to apply most of what they learn in their everyday lives. According to sophomore Joshua Rojas, “the assignments become more challenging, but, with the help of my teachers, I’m still able to hang on and get really amazing results.” 
     The staff and students are also taught to have Christian qualities and to trust God’s Word. First-year math teacher Radovan Ercegovcevic quotes, “Being at Liberty has taught me to be patient with all of my students and to realize when I need to teach a certain concept in a different, more relatable way.” God plays an important role in staff and students’ everyday lives. As stated by first-grade teacher Patricia Migatz, “The best thing about going to Liberty is that we can read and study the Bible and learn together about God.”
     Of course, being an LCP student is not just about homework and grades. Liberty has numerous events, sports, and clubs that students can participate in. In the words of Rojas, “Getting to connect with other people during events like Spirit Week, homecoming, basketball games are a major part of why Liberty is awesome!” Even during these tough times, LCP always finds a way to let students connect with each other while also making them feel safe.
     By far, the most important part about being at LCP is to realize that we’re not just teachers, staff, or students: we’re a family. As told by Headmaster Jeremy Thomas, “I think that Liberty is kind of a hidden gem. We provide academic, spiritual, and emotional support to all of our students; also, we provide a safe space for students to grow in Christ. Basically, we treat everyone who comes here like a second family.”