My name is Aidan Werner. I am a sophomore here at Liberty Christian Prep. My family has been sending me to Liberty Christian Prep for 12 years, and my little brother is beginning kindergarten this year as well. ¨I found out about the school and was very interested mainly because of the location and the Christian education,” said Mrs. Natalie Werner. They plan on having both me and my brother graduate from the school which would be a combined total of more than 25 years spent at Liberty!  Mr. and Mrs. Werner are clearly very confident about having their kids at Liberty, as both of their kids have never attended another school. “I’ve never really considered other schools,¨ said Werner. The school has definitely pushed my life the right way by teaching me good Christian values and educating me very well. I love being at Liberty and it’s made my life better.

     To keep a family happy with a school for this long is no easy task. Especially today many families and students are always looking to switch schools because of issues with staff or the education. But Liberty has always been open and forward with any issues and resolved them quickly. ¨Any issues have been resolved super fast and made right quickly,¨ said Werner. The school has done a lot for my family as well and we do much for them in return. My parents company chose to print the school newspaper free of charge due to the relationship that’s been established. Furthermore my family is not the only family to be with Liberty for a long period of time. The Rajeev's have been sending their oldest child to Liberty for 12 years as well. ¨The school does a great job of preparing my kids for college and providing them a great education, I am very satisfied with them,” said Mrs. Chandra Rajeev.