Senior Anastasia  Elrod abiding dress code rules in English class.

     TAVARES- When everyone thinks about school dress code, people think about tucking in shirts, having a school logo on everything and having the appropriate pants, but it's way more than that. Liberty Christian Prep is a uniform school, but we do have our days when we get to dress out. The LCP logo is on our shirt because it's presentable and represents the school. Many students have their opinions on the dress code. Fifth-grader Allie Bloom says, “I wouldn't change anything because it’s good the way it is and it makes Liberty look presentable.” 

     Everyone has their dislikes with the dress code. Second-grader Devon Twitty says, “I don’t like our school’s dress code because of the color of our shirts. I would change the shirt color to white instead of blue and keep the other as green.” Other than that he says also how the dress code makes our school representative.

      Some students believe it’s way easier to have a uniform so students don’t have to worry about what others wear. Junior Drexel Brunson says, “It’s good to have a dress code so that students don’t get bullied on what they wear.” Many students in the world get bullied on what they wear at school. LCP is different from that because they allow students to have a uniform with simple following instructions. The dress code teaches students more than they think.