LCP High School Students Celebrate Homecoming at Universal Studios

Liberty Christian Prep held their Homecoming event at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure on Nov. 13, 2021 from 9 A.M till 9 P.M. Students in grades 9-12 were given the opportunity to go on this trip for the total cost of $100. Student council president Grant Thomas said, “Homecoming is a great time for students to connect with each other and make lasting memories.”

LCP Head of School, Jeremy Thomas said, “[Universal] is a fun place for teenagers to experience a little bit of independence and have a good time with their friends.” The theme for this year’s homecoming event was “Enjoy the Ride.” G. Thomas explains the inspiration behind the theme, “high school is kind of like a roller coaster but at the end it’s always enjoyable.” 

Students went to Universal to have a good time and they explained what they liked about this year's homecoming trip. “I liked the fact that we chose Universal and that I was hanging out with people I know I would have a good time with because my friends and I are going to places outside of school,” said Senior Savannah Tretter. Students were able to take this time and use it as a bonding experience. Sophomore Daniel Jones said, “[Homecoming] is nice for deep friendships for my group. [We] had a lot of fun, some good food and some good rides like The Velociraptor ride and the Hulk and the boat ride.” 

When spending the day at a theme park there are always going to be new exciting memories to make. “I went on some roller coasters that I have never been on like the Hulk and it was really fun when the part of the ride twists and turns. Overall, it was really nice just walking around the park with my friends and making some nice memories,” said Junior Skylar Adkins. Most students were able to make new friends. Freshman Jade Rios said, “I made new friends with people from different grades and I learned new things about them.”

Students also enjoyed the new roller coaster that is based on the movie Jurassic World called the Velosicoster. “[I enjoyed] The Velosicoster one because even though the line was really long it was worth it because it was fast,” said sophomore Isky Wagar. Students talk about why they would like to repeat this experience again. “I would like to do something like this again because overall I enjoyed it and it’s a nice way to socialize,” said Tretter. 

With this year’s homecoming event all of the tickets sold out in three school days. “Yeah definitely this year’s homecoming was a success, . . . The kids were super excited to go to the event itself; it was tons of fun and I really think that students enjoyed themselves,” said G. Thomas. Students had a wonderful time at Universal and they were amused by all of the rides and attractions of the park.