World Watch

As soon as school starts at Liberty Christian Prep every 4th-12th grade class watches World Watch, a Christian focused news program that delivers the news for the day in just 10 minutes. World Watch covers the daily news and different events through a Christian perspective.

World Watch is both educational, and interesting. “I like World Watch because it always gives a good, unbiased view on current events and always has interesting facts in every episode,” said Junior Zackery Adkins. Current events, especially relating to politics, can be a difficult topic to tackle without offending some, or many people. Despite all this World Watch keeps it unbiased and informative, while still delivering the news through a Christian perspective. “I like how World Watch doesn’t inject political views into their news and still maintains their Christian values throughout the whole show,” said Adkins.

World Watch also covers things like new scientific discoveries, origins of different words, and much more. “I like how they show different interesting facts every episode and not just current events,” said Freshmen Zane West. World Watch also often features good things done in the community by Christian people, groups, and organizations.