Spelling Bee

Third Grader, Emma Hendershot won the 2022 Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (FACCS) spelling bee state contest. It was an enjoyable experience for all attendees. Hendershot explained what she liked most about the experience, “I like spelling words and being able to show people I know how to spell them.” Everyone is given a list of words in which they spend weeks studying, and reviewing in preparation for the big day. All students have different methods in how they memorize the words. Hendershot said, “My dad would ask me words and I would have to spell it to him. Sometimes I would read over it by myself.” Her hard work and determination is what guided her to become State Champion.

Holding the title of Spelling Bee State Champion is not something many people get to achieve. Emma Hendershot did not know how far she would go with her incredible spelling ability. She stated, “ I never really thought I could do it.” Hendershot plans on joining the Spelling Bee again next year. She continued, “ I like spelling, it’s fun. I enjoy studying and completing school work.” With the same mind and diligent study, Hendershot may have another chance at State Champion next year.