Have you ever heard of a group of students that is actually encouraged to yell? Liberty Christian Prep’s varsity cheerleaders jumped, tumbled, and shouted—bringing the noise to each basketball game. These girls’ cheers unified the crowd and gave LCP’s basketball team the encouragement they needed to win this season.  

Freshman Alexis Lay spoke about how cheerleading was the connection between fans and players. “I think [cheer] . . . helps everybody in the game and in the school,” Lay said.

Junior Amiya Harris mentioned that joining cheer was a way of breaking out of her shell. Harris claimed that a bit of school cheer is just what someone needs on a rough day. “Even if someone doesn’t show it, they may need a bit of encouragement,” Harris said.

Liberty Christian Prep’s cheerleaders provide selfless spirit to all students. In each game, players and members of The Pride can look forward to a boost of adrenaline and encouragement. Though the basketball season has come to an end, the cheerleaders have set an example of how to make a roar!